1. What do we need to do if we have a client who needs to be a SHOPS member?
If you are the media agency, you will need to complete a SHOPS Agency Agreement form and send this to us with your annual fee of £150.

2. Do we have to pay the fee for every SHOPS client we have?
No. The £150 covers you for all clients.

3. What are our responsibilities as an agency for a client who is a SHOPS member?
The agency must countersign each client's application forms and yearly continuous membership forms. This means that as an agency you are obliged to check the accuracy of information supplied by your clients and notify SHOPS of any changes in circumstances.

4. What do we need to supply SHOPS on behalf of our client?
You need to provide a current media schedule and copies of the advertisement, catalogue or insert which will appear in the national newspaper campaign.

5. Where should the SHOPS logo appear?
The SHOPS logo can only be used in advertisements, catalogues or inserts that appear in national newspapers and their supplements. The best position for the SHOPS logo is next to the main response mechanism.

6. What size should the SHOPS logo appear in the advertisement, catalogue or insert?
Independent research has confirmed that readers are more likely to respond to advertising displaying the SHOPS logo. Making the SHOPS logo appear as prominent as possible will ensure the best possible response to the advertisement. To assist agencies and advertisers, we have produced a simple set of logo usage guidelines showing the required dimensions of the logo depending upon the size of advertisement.

7. Who can we contact if we have any other questions?
If you have any questions or comments concerning SHOPS, we are here to help. If the query concerns a client application or existing client issue, please speak to Tim Pratley on 01628 641935 or email