Welcome to SHOPS

SHOPS is the national newspapers' reader protection scheme. It is a not-for-profit organisation representing the interests of the wider direct marketing community.

SHOPS was previously known as the National Newspapers' Mail Order Protection Scheme (MOPS). The original scheme was established in 1975 as a self regulatory body to promote consumer confidence in mail order shopping.

Today's consumers can order through multiple channels: mail, telephone and an advertiser's website. The modern Safe Home Ordering Protection Scheme (SHOPS) is aimed at providing protection to national newspaper readers whichever channel they use for ordering goods.

What we do

SHOPS promises national newspaper readers peace of mind by reimbursing them should they lose money when goods ordered fail to be delivered as a result of an advertiser going bust or ceasing trading. Readers are also covered where they have returned goods and not received a refund from an advertiser that has gone bust or ceased trading.

SHOPS promises to thoroughly check all advertisers before they are approved and join the scheme. Advertisers are then regularly reviewed throughout the duration of their membership.

SHOPS Rules December 2014



What is covered by the scheme?

SHOPS cover applies exclusively to advertisements placed, or catalogues and inserts carried, in the national newspapers and their supplements. This also includes digital facsimile versions of the national newspapers.

  • Most 'Payment with order' advertisements are covered by SHOPS, and are usually recognised by the SHOPS logo which appears in the copy. Protection applies to goods, but not services.
  • Readers must have responded directly to the advertisement, catalogue or insert without clicking through to a 'second stage' ordering process. Only goods which appear in the advertisement, catalogue or insert can be covered by the scheme.
  • Protection only covers the specified price(s) for the goods as featured in the advertising. 

Payment by credit card for goods with a value over £100 is covered by the credit card issuer under statutory regulations (The Consumer Credit Act 1974, S75). Payment by debit or charge card for goods with a value over £100 may be covered by 'Chargeback' or a similar scheme.